Flexographic Printing

Flexography uses wet inks and printing plates to transfer an image or text onto various paper or synthetic materials

Flexographic Printing

Flexo printing uses polymer plates; one for each colour and one for each spot varnish. These plates take a wet or liquid ink and transfer it onto the material substrate. The wet inks are either water-based, evaporation dried, or UV cured.

Up to eight colours can be printed in each ‘pass’ with second, and even third, passes available if required.

With laminating, cold foil, liner printing, adhesive printing, spot varnish, top and/or back die cutting, the opportunities are almost endless.

These presses are roll to roll, roll to sheet or roll to fold (zig zag).

Hine currently employ:

1 x 250 web press

2 x 333 web presses

1 x 410 web Press

We do more too.

We specialise in trade label printing but offer so much more.